high performance wireless

Access to the Internet and corporate data- anywhere and anytime- has become  the global standard. With the existing demand for wireless connectivity our ever-increasing, true expertise is required to provide a robust wireless connection that your guests, patrons, attendees, and employees can rely on.

What we do we provide? Just that. High-performance, secure wireless networks that are tailored to your business requirements and client demand. Our certified network engineers are trained to provide customized solutions that address the full-scope of variables that contribute to successful wireless network implementation.

“It’s to a point today where the expectations are that Wi-Fi is expected… just as much as a clean room, running water and a comfortable bed”- Jeff Bzdawka, SVP Global Information Technology, Hyatt Hotels

wireless solutions implemented

We have implemented numerous high-density, long-range, multi-point, wireless solutions for a number of entities including:

  • Arena and convention centers
  • Resorts and campgrounds
  • Hotel and motel
  • Condominium and apartments
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Maritime (open water)
  • Municipal associations
  • Public Wireless Internet

wireless services offered

When in need of reliable wireless solutions, consider the services we offer:

  • Wireless consulting services
  • Wireless network planning and installation
  • Indoor / outdoor wireless survey
  • RF spectrum analysis and reporting
  • Wireless security audit
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support
  • Wireless data analytics
  • Wireless equipment weatherproofing
  • Wireless rooftop and tower maintenance
how can we help you?

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