keeping the bad guys out


Companies today often ignore the idea that there is a real threat to their information- especially if it is in the “cloud”.  “Who would want to steal our data?”- they ask.  The truth is that there are numerous reasons, including one that you believe to be true- your data is valuable.  For this reason alone, implementing effective information security measures and testing them regularly, should be a necessity to protecting the most critical resource your organization has- its data.

Our specialty lies in understanding what is at risk, by whom,  and how to secure it.  We can help.

TRGroup Inc – we help companies secure their data, before the bad guys do.

Threats to your data

Threats to your information do not always come from the outside.  TRG takes a 360 approach to securing your information for you.

threat vs mitigation

Our clients are often surprised by the awareness we bring to them; by thinking outside the box we present attack vectors never thought to be possible to them:

  • Corporate data hijacking
  • Man-in-the-middle attack
  • Eaves-dropping at a “coffee shop”
  • “I lost my thumb drive”
how can we help you?

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I highly recommend Aaron and his TRGroup team for thoroughly and expertly addressing and maintaining your corporate network, especially if DoD, ITAR, and other security matters are causing you problems

M. Lloyd
Director of Operations, Frequentis Defense

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