security and surveillance

Our security consulting is not limited to protecting digital information, but also providing the data you need.  Since no one can be everywhere at once, we fill that gap by developing strategies and solutions that are present when you cannot be.

Our trained security consultants provide a wide variety of security services ranging from IP video surveillance systems, physical access controls, and biometrics, to personal security and private intelligence services.  Our specialty lies in understanding what information is critical and how to secure it.  We can help.

TRGroup Inc – we secure your property, before the bad guys do.

security services offered

We design, install, and maintain custom best-of-breed IP video surveillance systems designed to suit your specific needs and protect your most valuable assets.  Our monitoring solutions consist of both active and passive monitoring techniques to ensure that all areas of interest are accounted for and protected.

From simple systems consisting of standard RFID access controls to biometrics (fingerprint, retinal, and hand geometry) for high profile private organizations, TRG designs and installs systems customized for the individual client.

No security system can be guaranteed reliable, unless it is tested first.  Whether it is a video surveillance system or perimeter security and access control system, our security consultants are expert at testing the systems for vulnerabilities and flaws.  Once contracted to test, we simulate the activities of a “would-be” perpetrator and attempting to circumvent the system,  and assist with making the recommended improvements.  Why wait until the flaws are exposed by someone you can not trust.  Contact us today for a security system assessment.

We provide professional digital investigation services in the areas of computer forensics, mobile device forensics, high-tech investigations, e-discovery, and data recovery. Today, our clients include law firms, businesses, private companies, and other agencies, with a need to secure sensitive data, so that they are able to make informed decisions and take appropriate action.

how can we help you?

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I highly recommend Aaron and his TRGroup team for thoroughly and expertly addressing and maintaining your corporate network, especially if DoD, ITAR, and other security matters are causing you problems

M. Lloyd
Director of Operations, Frequentis Defense